Ordering-Copying Photos Info

I shoot a lot of local events because I enjoy taking pictures and making them available to the kids and I get a lot of satisfaction and positive feedback for what I do here on this website.


The images I post in my galleries here can easily be copied and saved to your own computer and then reprinted (Feel free to post them on your Facebook).

To copy or download images on the Flickr gallery I use, do the following:

1) Click on the image you like so it is enlarged and the only image you see on your screen

2) On the RH side of the page, you’ll see a a few icons with one of them being an arrow.  Click on that and you should see an option to ‘download’

3) Select the ‘original size’ and then download it.  Save it to your computer.  You can then print or post it.

***In order to download to your mobile device, you will need to get the Flickr Ap onto your device***

I do put them on here in a smaller size and resolution to save space, but they are sized & cropped in such a way  so that you can get a decent 4 x 6 print made at one of the local labs up in town.

And depending on the printer you have at home, you can even print them off yourself. I don’t mind people doing this.  But I’m also happy to print up orders for you as well.

The only place where I draw the line on using my photos is I don’t want them being used  by any other photographer or business for profit.  


For those who would like an enlargement of any image you see here on the site, I can  accommodate you as well. I charge by the ‘unit’, where as a unit would be considered:

  • (1) one 8 x 10 print or (2) two 5 x 7 prints or(4) four 4 x 6 prints or (8) eight wallet size prints


  • One unit cost $15.00
  • For 2-5 units, cost drops to $12.00 per unit
  • 6+ units would be $10.00 per unit

You will just need to let me know what event you need prints from, what is the image number of the photo, and what size and quantity you need.

Interested in posters?  I do those as well.  POSTER INFO

For More Info – Contact me at my email-  tony@tonycorsoimages.com