Introductory Photo Classes

TCIprofileSo you got that new fancy DSLR camera because you wanted to ‘up your game’ when it came to taking pictures.  Oh sure…your older ‘point & shoot’ or phone camera did a nice job…to a point.  But you knew you needed something more.

The problem is…this new camera has a lot more dials and buttons and settings than you figured on, and now you’re a little confused what they all mean.  So you revert to shooting in ‘auto’, which means what you have is a more expensive ‘point & shoot’ camera.

Allow me to suggest and invite you to an introductory class to help you figure that out.

Here is what I am offering:

  • A 2.5-3 hour-class  with a limit of 6-8 ‘students’ per class.
  • The cost of the  class will be $75.00
  • The session will include a printed handout of the lesson with plenty of hands on assistance
  • I am totally open and available for follow up calls/messages if you get confused or need advice

The class will focus primarily on learning the basic settings on your camera, with an emphasis on ISO settings, aperture, and shutter speed.

The session will involve some class time going over basic shooting techniques paying attention to lighting, composing, focusing, etc.

You would need to sign up in advance.  The class would consist of no more than 8 individuals, but I will do a session with a minimum of at least 4 people.

Payment would be due upon arrival of the class.

Requirements for the class:  You’ll need your own DSLR camera and preferably a dependable tripod (optional but advised)

For more info, please contact me via my email: or message me on Facebook.