Marching on the Prairie 2018

What a great day is was for a high school marching band event.  I was able to capture plenty of photos throughout the first round of all but a few schools.  I missed out on Prairiland’s performance. I saw that Sulphur Springs had a photographer on hand so I used that opportunity to capture some aerial drone shots of their performance.  And due to a previous commitment, I was unable to be there for the last school that played which was Naaman Forest. My apologies to them.  When you click on the link below, you will be taken to my Flickr account where I host many of my photos and proofs.  I have broke each school down into its own album.  Please keep in mind that these photos have NOT been edited or cropped yet in any form or fashion.  I simply resized them and added my watermark proof over them.  Should you order prints, they will be cropped, edited, and shipped directly to you.

Instructions for ordering:

  1. Select the school folder of your choice.
  2. Scroll through and select the images you want by making note of the image number below the picture.  It will begin with either the letter B or C followed by some numbers.
  3. You can send me a direct email with your order specifying what sizes and quantities you would like for each image noted.
  4. I sell the prints by the ‘unit/page’ where One Unit = One 8 x 10  OR  Two 5×7’s  OR  Four 4×6’s.  One unit cost $15.00.  For orders of 2-6 pages, the price drops to @12.00 per page.  Please add $4.00 to the total to cover postage/handling.
  5. You can mix and match your orders. For example if you find four pictures you like, you could order one 4×6 of each image and that would = one page.
  6.  Payments can be made through my web site here: ONLINE PAYMENT
  7.  Please include your address to where you would like prints mailed to. Also, where it ask for proof number, just put one of the images number there and for campus, your school.

You can contact me through my email if you have any questions or call 903-785-2521 . 

It’s a dicy challenge trying to get pictures of everyone in a setting like that and I have no guarantees that someone you are looking for is in here. Some you will see multiple times.

To view the proofs, click on here:  MOP BAND PROOFS