Her Name is Dasha…

I only met her a few weeks ago when our paths crossed at the new Pump track here in town where I had stopped by to take some pics of all the kids riding their bikes. Her 5 year old was one of the many out there and I happened to get some good shots of him as well. We chatted a few minutes…I did admire her ‘glow’ as she was with child and just a delight to visit with….both her and her husband.
I never did get their names…was hoping they would find the pics I posted later on my page here of their son. They did. And when I saw her on Facebook, I was immediately drawn to the fact that she was born in Russia.
I knew I wanted to know more and she was happy to share a link of a story written about her back in October of last year.
And what a story it is. My heart was captivated by her testimony and how she ended up here in Paris, TX.

Katie Dixon wrote a great article sharing her story and I will post the link below…Please read it. You too…will fall in love with this young woman who has seen the grace of God poured out upon her.
So…then this happened…a ‘maternity’ shoot at Lake Crook, earlier this evening.
I loved the fact that she was from Russia…and that her heart belongs to Jesus…and she is an elementary school teacher at Detroit.
And my camera LOVED her as well as she just radiated like so many pregnant women do when they are bursting with life inside of them.
Here are a few samples…

My heart is Full.

Please…read her story here: https://tinyurl.com/y23mbrwf