Hansen Does Paris

Dale Hansen is the long time sports anchor for WFAA in Dallas.  He is without a doubt a familiar face and voice here in North Texas. And because of his admittedly open bluntness and by his own admission, left leaning political views, he’s the type of guy you either love or hate; well maybe just ‘strongly not care for’.   But in recent years, he has had the tendency to attract more national attention, not for his sports broadcasts…but rather his heartfelt views on social issues that dominate the airwaves and cyberspace today.  One thing is for sure…the guy is passionate…he’s genuine…and he really does have something to say.

Dale was in Paris, TX tonight and spoke to a couple of hundred people in attendance at First Christian Church.  His target audience:  high school kids.  He truly has a heart to reach out to kids and speak soul searching truths into their lives.  His fundamental theme tonight as a good number of athletes from local high schools sat and listened to him (most probably not even knowing who he was)…centered around the fact that if the 70 year old sports anchor ‘legend’ could trade in all his wealth, accolades, accomplishments, and lifetime experiences…to simply go back and be 17 again…he’d do it in a heartbeat.

You know  as a sports fan that when Gene Stallings is the one introducing you…you’ve done something right.

It was the first time for me to ever meet and hear Dale in person.  I came away from the meeting quite impressed with this man’s heart and message. He kept everyone laughing…and probably a few who had to wipe away a few tears.  And once again I was reminded that in our society we are often too quick to dismiss the nuggets of wisdom and life experiences that ‘older’ people who have traveled longer than ourselves have to offer.

Thanks Dale…for making that trek from Waxahachie to Paris, TX.  I believe those who had the privilege to hear your message are better for it.

To see a collection of photos I captured from tonight, just click on this link below: