originsDave Scheatzle is my father-in-law.  Known him for a good number of years now.  I’ve told a number of people in recent years that Dave was quite instrumental in nudging me back in to my photography shortly after Caralyn graduated from high school in 2006.  One of the best moves I’ve made in recent years.

Got an email from him and Brenda a month or two ago…letting us know that their days of RV’ing were over…and they wanted us to be the caretakers of their ride.  Having never done the RV thing before…I knew I would need some instruction on the art of doing it right.  And having recently retired from teaching, the timing seemed perfect for a road trip to try it out and take a few pictures along the way.  Dave’s an avid photographer himself so there was not much arm twisting involved when I pitched the idea to him to hit the road together and show me how it’s done.

We recently wrapped up a 6 day epic journey that started on Tuesday morning. After a quick trip the grocery store in Tempe, AZ where I flew into early that morning…we loaded up and headed north.  Our initial plans were to be in Monument Valley by sundown…but a short impromptu excursion to the Grand Canyon netted some stunning views…and pictures, along with a later arrival in Utah.  We made it to our RV park in Monument Valley at dark but continued well into the night photographing a rising moon, incredible buttes that jutted out from the barren land under a starry sky.  We agreed that for the next several days…pictures were the priority…and all the other essentials like sleep, eating, and hygiene were secondary. 🙂 DaveTony

And what a great week it was…a true blessing to spend such quality time with a great man and FIL.  We were really like two kids…just off snapping hundreds of shots of everything that caught our eye…with no regard to time.  When we did settle in for the night…it involved more time pouring over what we captured on our laptops.

The rest of our trip took us through the golden aspens of southeastern Colorado…then south to Santa Fe and then Albuquerque, NM for the opening day of the International Balloon Fiesta.  Day one of what is billed as the “most photographed event in the world”, rewarded us with picture perfect weather.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen as much camera gear in one place and at one time.  But the balloons themselves were the most incredible visual sensory experience I recall having as a photographer.  I felt like a 10 year old boy who had ADD, on a sugar high, and walking into the largest toy store in the world for the very first time.  It was that much of a sensory overload for me.

Sunday was the last day our our road trip…Dave would fly back to Tempe that afternoon…and I made the solo trip back to Texas in the RV.

I did indeed bring the drone with me and got some stunning video footage which I will have to edit later…but for now…as usual…I share with you a few collections of things that caught my eye on this trip.



Thanks Dave…for a trip of a life time.  Can’t wait to see where our next journey takes us.