Making No Bones About It – My Last Good Friday Quiz

Tomorrow is Good Friday.

We will be out of school and so once again (and for my final time, I might add) I decided to test a group of Middle school students on a holiday-related event and they would also have to write synonym that I thought them last week.

Years ago, I started doing this…asking a group of about ninety  6/7th grade students this question:  “According to bible historians, why were the bones of Jesus never found?”

Mind you…I do live in a bible-belt area with more churches than we know what to do with.  The responses I collect, anonymously, are always intriguing.  This morning’s results were no different.  Yes…I have to say that a good majority of the 90 responses I got back indicated they had a basic understanding as to why the bones were never found.  Although I might add that many of those who indicated that Jesus was ‘alive’…also added that he ‘never really died’.  Just a minor theological glitch there. 🙂

So as I customarily do, I post a few of the responses that I received back…that made me smile.  The kids were given the option to decline answering. A number of the ones I got back were blank or indicated they had no idea.

Again, the question being  “According to bible historians, why were the bones of Jesus never found?”

Out of the mouths of babes…

“I really don’t know probably because they buried him after he died somewhere peaceful where they don’t want to find him”

“Because he was on a cross and he never rotted to his bones. Also because he was never dead.”

“He made them go with him when he went to heaven so he could keep himself together.”  (love that one…lol)

“He died in heaven so you would not be able to see his bones”

“Cause Jesus died  he arose and he still has those bones”

“When he died and ascended God might have hidden the bones so his body could be at peace”

“Because Jesus never died so he wasn’t buried and didn’t lose bones.”

“Because they wanted to keep everything where it was so when he came back, the would know where to look for him.”

“They got buried too far in the ground”

“Maybe because the burned them”

“Because he was put on a hill that is no longer a hill in Jerusalem.”

“Because the disciples too them.”

“because they have been covered in dirt…and other things.”

And the one I smiled the biggest on…

“He doesn’t want us to find him” 🙂