And That’s The Way It Is…or Was It?


So I have my own take on the Brian Williams story. The very fact that the vessel who is simply there to report the news has become the news speaks to a deeper issue.

I think many would agree that a peculiar phenomena is manifest today when someone’s face appears on our beloved TV sets. Whether it is for 15 seconds or 15 years, a certain mantle of ‘celebrity-ism’ is cast upon them simply because the public saw their image emitted from their HD screens. And for many, being thrust on the altar of celebrity worship that is rampant in this country, it is a hard thing to turn from and resist.

I wonder if this happened to Mr. Williams, the long time news anchor at NBC.

Sure…we see actors, singers, and performers exalted all the time. But when did the guy whose job was simply to report what was happening in the world get thrust upon that same stage.   And if being adored by your public becomes your drug of choice, then you will be compelled to fan that flame of adoration by whatever means necessary. (Need I refer to Kim Kardashian)

So the apparent need to embellish his ‘memories’ of past news accounts played in to his eventual removal from the anchor desk.

I just remember a different day when the Brinkleys and the Cronkites and Huntley’s were men that you would not expect to frequent the couches of late night entertainers like Williams has done regularly in recent years. I could be wrong, but I remember them to be unassuming men who were straight forward and not drawn to be the story…but simply to report ‘and that’s the way it is’.

I’m reminded of an account in the New Testament where Jesus makes his triumphant entry in to Jerusalem before the Passover. The streets are lined with exuberant worshipers waving palm leaves as they sing their praises to the King. Would it not have been a sad commentary if the donkey upon whose back Jesus rode…thought the crowds were cheering for him instead of the Messiah?donkey  Now there’s a modern day sermon for you…a mere ‘ass’…delivering the ‘Message’.  The four-legged one knew his role.