It’s True- I’ve Entered the Final Stretch.

SchoolsOutMost teachers I know are glad to hear that last dismissal bell that comes at the end of a full day of teaching students.

Then there’s that last bell of the school year that triggers a huge sigh of relief (for students And teachers alike) as the summer break begins.

I speak from experience having heard more than my fair share of those bells over the past 20 years of teaching.

But at the end of this year, I will hear a bell I’ve never heard before…and that will be the final dismissal bell of my teaching  career.

Yep…this will be it for me at the end of this semester. I will be officially ‘retiring’ from teaching.
I’ve had a number of people inquire in the past few weeks having heard that this was the case for me so I figured I may as well make it ‘official’.

In Texas, when a teacher’s age combined with his/hers years of service add up to 80, they are then eligible to draw a pension. ( I believe that number was changed to 90 a few years ago for newer teachers)

I count myself fortunate to still enjoy what I do. But from a financial point of view, it makes no sense for me to remain in the classroom and so this seemed to be the ideal time to make another seasonal transition in my life as I move full time in to my photography business.

I count myself blessed to still enjoy what I do and to be able to walk away from this with many fond memories. I’m sure I will elaborate on that more in a future post when June draws closer.

I would be lying to say I didn’t have some mixed feelings about the new season in life I am preparing to embark on, which would be normal for anyone. But having second thoughts about leaving would not be among those feelings.  I really am excited about turning a new page in my life and am excited to see what lies ahead. Getting reestablished in my photography several years ago turned out to be a fulfilling and viable career path for me.  But more on that later.

For now…there are papers to be written, homework to be graded, novels to be read, and kids to be taught/entertained. Oh…and one last spring break to enjoy:-)