The Image I Can’t Stop Thinking About

C94V8746 copyWhen ever I show this picture to friends, the first question they ask me is: “Have you sent this off to be published?”

It’s not so much the photo that is captivating…as what was captured within the photo.  Look closely at the clouds.  I’m not one to personally see forms and objects in the clouds above, but this one has me mesmerized. (You can click on the photo itself to see an enlarged view)

This summer, in-between working on getting a garage built here at the house, we did a few out of town trips, the first one being out west where Big Bend National Park is located.  I had been wanting to get out to the Davis mountains for some time where the McDonald Observatory is located in what I am told are the ‘darkest skies in North America’.  I planned the trip when the moon would not be visible as I am always in pursuit of a spectacular view and photo capture of the Milky Way.  I think I succeeded with this PHOTO.

After our stay in the Davis Mountains, we headed down south to Big Bend.  It was a beautiful drive through what was incredible scenery, as hostile as it was in the blazing heat of a West Texas sun.

Keep in mind, the story had really hit the national media that week concerning the thousands of young children who were crossing our border at the Rio Grande.  Regardless of one’s political views on immigration reform, the fact that so many children were involved with this humanitarian crisis, really made this a unique challenge for our nation.  Driving through similar landscape that these kids must have trekked through, we could not imagine how difficult such a journey would have been for them.   While there are still so many unanswered questions (or solutions) to this dilemma, the one question I could not escape from was ‘HOW did these kids actually make it from Central America to cross our southern border?  I share this to let you know what lingering question resided in my thoughts that week as we traveled.

So two days later, while driving back into town from our hotel to grab a bite to eat, we witnessed an impressive looking summer storm sweep across the desert plains.  I captured the whole range of weather from lightning bolts, boiling-dark clouds, rain showers and rainbows.  It was this one particular image that is worth noting.  In fact I did not even see what was ‘in’ this image until a friend commented on it after I posted it on Facebook.

There is unmistakably what appears to be an elderly yet strong looking man carrying an infant wrapped in a blanket across the Rio Grande.  Throw in the rainbow to the right and with no editing enhancements or manipulation, I can’t help but wonder if this was the answer to my lingering question.  Yes….I entertained the notion that a ‘Divine Agent’ was instrumental in bringing children to safety.  A stretch perhaps, but nevertheless, it’s probably one of the most intriguing photos I’ve captured in some time.

And I just wanted to share. 🙂

If you never have been to the Big Bend area, feel free to visit my album with a collection of photos from the trip HERE.