If I Want Your Opinion, I’ll Give It To You!

indexIt seems so many of us feel like we have something worthwhile to say.
(The mere fact I’m blogging/posting this affirms that)

And who can argue that Facebook has proven to be the world’s most popular platform to spill what is on one’s mind?

But have you ever noticed how much complaining is done on there? Admittedly, I have done my share of griping and whining as well. Be it the hot/cold temperatures outside, long lines at Wal-mart, rising gas prices, etc., I have voiced my thoughts. In fact during the heated political seasons, my wife would threaten to ‘de-friend’ me at least once a week, weary of my occasional rants and ensuing debates that would follow.

Personally, I like Facebook. I’m one of those that enjoy the connectivity it offers with a host of friends and acquaintances I have who are spread across the globe. Being raised as a Military Brat, we never really did have a hometown and since I graduated in Germany years ago at an American high school there, FB has enabled me to stay in touch with many of my former classmates.

I also use FB to share many of the photos I take in the area which in turn is good for my photography business. So I am no stranger to the nature of this social media beast that many admit to being addicted to.

One of my daughters who is a social-media-guru commented once that she liked FB because it was always a source for a good conversation starter when she crossed paths with someone and could ask how that new deck was working or if their child was feeling better, etc.

But it dawned on me this week that it really has a peculiar element to it in that it serves as a public dumping ground for whatever seems to irritate us. Let’s just admit it…by nature, we are prone to whine, gripe, and complain. And we seem to think that the general public is deeply interested in hearing what bugs us.

Imagine walking through the grocery store and some man in a suit stops in the produce section and begins screaming out that he is fed up with always getting a push-cart that has a wobbly wheel. Most of us could sympathize with his frustration but would probably draw the line there and refrain from airing that sentiment aloud in a crowded store. But we have no problem voicing our ‘thorn in the flesh’ on Facebook for all the world to read.

I tend to make what I would deem ‘humorous observations’ about things I see and hear, but that can quickly cross a fine line that becomes another form of complaining.

I really want to work on that. I highly doubt that my gripes are any more appealing to others as their gripes are to me.

So if you have read this and then see a future post or status update of mine that comes across as a ‘complaint’, feel free to call me out on it. I promise not to ‘un-friend’ you. 😉