Making No Bones About It…Again.

1795630_727175560648279_541119990_nTomorrow is Good Friday.  It’s the day recognized around the world by Christians as the day Jesus of Nazareth was put to death on the cross.

Easter is Sunday and of course, that is the day that Christian believers profess their faith in the risen savior who came out of the tomb giving hope to all who believe on his name that they too will one day arise from the dead and live for eternity with him in heaven.

That’s pretty much Christianity 101 in a nutshell.  Especially if you have grown up in the bible-belt.

Having lived here in NE Texas the past 25 years, I can assure you there are no shortage of churches  in the area that I live.

Several years ago, at the school where I teach,  I started doing something in my classrooms every Thursday before Good Friday.  I would take an informal ‘survey’, (usually in the form of a bonus question on a weekly quiz) and presented the following question to all my sixth graders:

Tomorrow is ‘Good Friday’.  According to historians, why were the bones of Jesus never found?”

The responses I get back are always…intriguing. Worth blogging about to say the least.    But first, I gave the question to probably 70 sixth graders today.   I received back 63 responses.  Nine of them just flat out indicated they had no idea.  And as you might expect (and hope…and pray) there was a good percentage of them who gave the answer you would hope to hear if they have spent any time in church.  So without any further adieu , I share them with you. Below is the collection of responses that I deemed worth sharing here:

Again…the question:

Tomorrow is ‘Good Friday’.  According to historians, why were the bones of Jesus never found?”

-Because they were hidden good and no one could find them.

-cause after he was hung they mashed his bones to dust

– They turned to wings and flew away

– because he was a spirit. He was like a ghost.

– to be honest, I really don’t know.

– because he was resurrected. Science CAN’T prove what happened, so it can’t be disproved either.

– He never died.  He walked to heaven alive.

– because know body took the time to do it

– in the water

– because they have different towns and they never figured out where he died on the cross.

– because he rose from the grave or something I think

– he went to heaven 100% in tact

– because he came back on the third day and went to heaven with Mary.

– because Jesus was made with ash and the bones eroded away

– because he never died

– because they never put them in a certain spot

– because he never died!! Well he did for three days but then he died on Easter Sunday!

Happy Easter.  

May you and yours who believe in and trust in his incredible gift, experience anew, the resurrection power of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.