The Gospel According to Noah?

noahs-ark-cartoonI am writing this piece on the much talked about movie, Noah, without having yet seen it.

What I find so confusing these days, is all the hoop-la surrounding its release along with the dire warnings I’m getting from fellow Christians about this film.  You would think that anyone who dares to lay down their money at the ticket counter to see Noah will be taking the mark of the beast.  What’s up with that?

I do have a few questions though for my well-meaning brothers and sisters in Christ who have taken up the trumpets to warn me of its evil message, denouncing its straying from the scripture.  (All four chapters of it)

1.  Have you ever heard and laughed (or even smiled) at Bill Cosby’s old classic version of Noah.  (“Did somebody call?”)  To this day…that is probably one of my favorite sketches I ever heard him do.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but without knowing anything of Mr. Cosby’s spiritual life, then or now, I think he took liberty in the telling of that story and it was not biblically based.  Are you as troubled by that piece as well?

2.  What is your fear of people seeing this film…that they will be led astray or deceived in to believing that Noah was a fanatical environmentalist? (one argument I’ve heard)  Or is it the fact that the director is an atheist and you struggle with supporting his endeavor?  If so….do you use the same standard in all of your viewing habits…TV, Movies, etc?

3.  And while on the topic of TV &  movies…I have to ask about your regular viewing choices…anything from a good old John Wayne movie…to the blockbuster, Titanic.  Are you compelled to warn others with the same fervor about shows like these, and probably 90% of what Hollywood churns out these days (and has for years)?

The reason I bring this up is because we often send mixed messages to the world when we take up one cause while overlooking another.  I mean, let’s be honest, who does not enjoy a vintage John Wayne western?  Yet…how many people are KILLED by his six shooter, or anyone else’s in those beloved classics.  Last time I read the 10 Commandments, killing preceded adultery.

Funny how we can be so selective in our viewing habits.  We’ll turn off one show because of the blatant promotion of homosexuality….but don’t have a problem with the continuous run of adultery and fornication that is a common staple in most popular shows today.

I’ve made no secret of what a big fan I was of Jack Bauer and the hit show, 24.  Yet I still have to ask myself at times why I think it’s OK to be ‘entertained’ by what God’s word calls ‘sin’.  Weird, isn’t it…how we’ve come to believe violence is not as ‘evil’ as sexual immorality on the screen? Do we justify our partaking of it – saying it’s all make believe ( special effects in a studio).  In that case, so is this movie Noah.

I don’t know how you raise your kids, but when ours were younger, we’d never taken them to a movie without having a good idea up front what we were exposing them to.  That’s just good parenting.  And even in those times where something ‘slips’ past your own personal filtering screen, it can lead to good discussion and teaching moments.

But if we are looking to Hollywood to educate our kids (or ourselves) on spiritual truths and biblical matters….well let me break the news to you:  Time for personal inventory and re-evaluating your belief system.

On the other hand, if you have made the personal choice to do away with all forms of media entertainment due to the excessive amount of activities that the bible would deem ‘works of darkness’, then I am better able to respect your stand and views and appreciate your concern for my spiritual health.

I know people like to make the case that some good can come out of  the film/TV industry…yet I am reminded by a challenging question found in the book of James: “can both fresh water and salt water come from the same fountain?”

I guess what puzzles me most and what I’m looking for clarity on is…What is it about This movie particular, that has riled up so many faithful?

I’m not trying to be argument here with anyone…just enjoy good discussion. :- )