The Holocaust Survivor Project – Revisited

IMG_8942 copy    I am tickled to be teaching JRH Reading again this year along with my English classes.  That has afforded me the opportunity to delve off in to a subject close to my heart: The Holocaust.  As I am currently in the process of bringing in a friend and survivor next week to speak to hundreds of students here in Lamar County, it inspired me to revisit the photo project I worked on back in 2010.  And then in dawned on me that while I had posted a few shots online from that project, there were many photos I had not.

For a brief explanation of the project, you can read here on a previous blog entry.

Blog Entry:

To view the larger collection of photos, click on the image to the left.  That shot happens to be a 94 year old survivor from Auschwitz holding his 7-week old great-grandson.  Clearly visible is the tattooed number that he received when in the death camp.