Willing To Travel…

WANTED:  Looking for a job that will pay me a comfortable salary to travel around the world while photographing and writing about my experiences.
Travel expenses need to be included.
Willing to travel.


Yep…this last venture gave me the bug big time to do this.

We just returned home from a week long’s vacation up in the northeast, where neither Kathy or I have ever traveled before.

I wasn’t ready to come home.

The trip, logistically, was flawless.  Hotel accommodations, rental cars, tours, etc were everything you hope for in a vacation.

There was only one thing I can fault, and it was minor – As much as we like Embassy Suites, they really need to rethink their coffee offering in the mornings.  This is the second one we’ve stayed at this summer and the ‘instant mix’ they serve lacks much to be desired.

But the trip, in a nutshell, was spectacular. Kathy and I flew out of Dallas last Tuesday headed to Boston.  Got a great deal on some tickets through Southwest.  The rental car pick up at Logan included a nice upgrade.  We made our way (under the longest set of tunnels I can remember driving through) to our hotel downtown two blocks away from the harbor.

We’d been told that Boston was a very ‘walk-friendly’ city and we found that to be true.  Even after a very late arrival and settling in (around midnight) we were up at 5 to catch our first Atlantic sunrise. We were not disappointed.BB9G9896 copy

We took two tours in Boston (which I would strongly suggest).  The first was a walking tour along the ‘Freedom Trail’ that hits some of the high spots of historical value.  I must say that the time I spent at two cemeteries was quite stirring.  To stand over the gravestones of former pilgrims and puritans who were some of the first settlers in this country was surreal, to say the least.

The tour we took the following day was a ‘Trolley Tour’ that basically encompasses the whole city and hits many of the ‘tourist spots’ that as ‘touristy’ as it may be, really is good.

Some of the tastiest dining we partook of was in ‘Little Italy’ where we dined on an exquisite meal in a small restaurant, followed up by the best tasting cannoli’s  ever made.  If memory serves me, we actually made a second trip back to that pastry shop to indulge even more of this heavenly treat.  🙂

The weather that second day in Boston as a bit overcast and a light rain fell as we took a harbor cruise (after our trolley tour) that was scenic in spite of the weather.

But now it was time to head north and we loaded up our rental car and made the two hour trek north to Portland, Maine.  It’s funny, looking at a map and computing driving time.  We are so use to living in Texas and know you can drive for 10 hours and still be in Texas.  But in the northeast, it’s a different story.

We left Boston after lunch and within two hours we pulled in to our Embassy Suites and settled in there.  Our plan, from never having been to Maine before, was to do day excursions around the state.  Fortunately for us, that first evening in the hotel, during their happy hour time in the lobby, we met a nice local couple who were of great help to us suggesting where to go and what to see. As you might suspect, I was quite eager for photo ops around that majestic coast dotted with numerous lighthouses.  And I was not disappointed.

I will let my photos speak for the rest of the trip and hopefully you will get a decent glimpse of this part of the country.  We did  drive up to Acadia National park which is a ‘must see’.  Interestingly, while driving around that island, we came up on a couple who just got married.  It was just them, the minister, and a local photographer taking their pics.  As I often say, good wedding pics have so much to do with “Location”!  And this spot was breathtaking so I quickly jumped from the car and started taking some pics of them as I knew they would be a lovely addition to my portfolio. 🙂  They were tickled as well and I even visited with the photographer as well who gave me some tips on good spots to photograph there.

I do need to briefly mention our visit to Monhegan Island.

It was a dreary Sunday morning where we drove up to Booth Bay Harbor and boarded a boat that takes visitors out to this island, about a 90 minute ride.  We really had no idea what to expect when we got there, thinking the planned 3 hour stay might get long.  Boy…were we ever wrong.  It seems to be a refuge of sorts, for artists and writers where some 60 of them take up residence there year round.  Some are lobster fishermen.  There is even a small brewery there on the island along with quaint cottages and inns to house the guests who visit there annually. The island itself, only encompasses about one square mile. I know we want to go back for an extended visit in the future.

There are these incredible trails through lush forests that lead to some of the most scenic and beautiful cliffs you will ever witness.IMG_1138 copy

It was interesting trying to wrap my head around the idea of living on such a remote spot.  Quite a life adjustment, I’m sure.  But it’s one of those places you just have to visit and experience for yourself.  If you ever head up that way, you need to go visit this island. 🙂

Needless to say, I was enthralled with the scenery and I have to compliment Kathy on her patience with me in wanting to photograph nearly everything I saw.  Admittedly, I may be nearing that point of needing a support group.  *wink & smile*

Our last day there was an extremely long one, for me especially.  Not sure why I woke up at 1:30 in the morning….but I never could get back to sleep and was awaiting a 4:30 AM alarm anyway as I wanted to try for some sunrise pictures by our favorite lighthouse.  The fog had other plans that morning so no sunrise pictures, but still some interesting shots nonetheless.  Amazing to think that yesterday morning, I was in a sweat shirt in 60 degree weather on the coast…and 14 hours later, we landed back in Dallas to an incoming heat wave where temps were nearing triple digit.

Should you ever have any interests traveling up this way and would like further tips or input, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  In the meantime, enjoy some of the scenery we were blessed to visit.  Keep in mind, these collection of photos are what I like to refer to as:  “Things That Caught My Eye”.  Some are scenic, others, ‘touristy’ while others are just things of interest that caught my attention.

I’ve separated the two galleries by location.