Are We Music to His Ears?

My oldest daughter once described me as someone who was ‘not exactly in the middle of the music universe’.

My wife often thought that my attempt to ever clap along with songs in church was futile as I simply have no sense of beat.

And even I will admit that I could listen to obscentiy-laced songs on the radio all day long and would never know the difference as I just really don’t listen to the words.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate good music.

IMG_9400 copyI was reminded once again of this after listening  to the City of Paris’ Municipal Band in their final summer performance last night.  The band is made up of a cross section of citizens in the area, young and old, who obviously have played in concert bands before…and know how to play an instrument.

Can I just tell you that nothing mesmerizes me more than watching a skilled group of people…who come from a wide assortment of  backgrounds, pick up a variety of different instruments, and then put on a masterful performance of music.

This year’s band was conducted by my good friend, Joey Watson.  Joe used to be the band director at the school I teach at and after years of doing that, he moved on to a different vocation of instruction in another school.  But he continued to play his trumpet in the municipal band that performs regularly every summer at Bywaters Park.BB9G9678 copy

As a middle school teacher, I am always in awe of what band directors do with incoming 6th graders every year.  These kids take up instruments that they probably can’t even spell, let alone assemble and play them correctly. But within months, they are blowing out notes that resemble a tune and then miraculously come together by Christmas time and put on a concert.  To me, it is nothing short of a modern day miracle.

Allow me to share with you what I took away from listening to a musical concert like the one I listened to last night.

There had to be dozens of different instruments of every shape and size you can imagine. There are buttons and strings and pedals and air holes.  There are wind instruments and wood instruments and stringed instruments, etc.  Each one plays a different sound and if left to play alone, their own part that is on the music sheet before them probably wouldn’t sound much like the song you thought you were suppose to be hearing.

But when played skillfully, under the direction of a conductor who brings it all together, you cannot help but be captivated by the ensuing masterpiece of melodies and notes and keys that blend together in to something breathtaking and beautiful.

I just can’t help but wonder if maybe that is sort of what God had in mind when he created us as individuals, unique in our own special way.  And if we were to allow our lives to come under his skillful and loving direction, which in turn would inspire us to live out our lives in a way designed by Him, then just maybe this world would be playing a different and more pleasing melody.

Can you imagine if the group of people who assembled last night to perform, opted to just blare out any old sound that suited them…whenever they got the urge to do so?  The result would have been a crescendo of disturbing noises and sounds that would have had the audience clasping their hands over their ears and leaving the auditorium in search of relief.

I can’t help but imagine that God does that at times when He looks down on us and witnesses a ‘band out of control’…seeking to do their own thing with no regard to what the ‘conductor’ wants or how we might live out our lives in a more skillful manner.

That’s what I took away from last night’s performance.

Thank you Mr. Watson…and Thank you Municipal Band of Paris.  Your performance truly inspired me.

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