Just Add Water (Redneck Pool)

BB9G7950 copyRobbie and Sheila Connot live just outside of Blossom, TX.  I’ve known their family for years….raised two beautiful daughters who are all grown up now.

They live in the country…and would probably admit they are ‘country folk’.  So when summer set in and they felt like cooling off, they just made the best of a good thing with what they had on hand – 75 square bales of hay, a 30 x 40 plastic tarp, some rope and then just added water.  Woo-la…instant ‘swimming’ pool.  Well, maybe one more for soaking.

It took one afternoon to construct and fill up.  That night, nearly 40 of Payton’s friends joined her for an impromptu pool party.  They even designated an appropriate name for the new ‘construction’ calling it the ‘Redneck Oasis’.  So far, the pool remains intact and they keep it clean with an above ground pool pump.  A little ducky-looking floaty has a small glad bag tied to it with one chlorine tablet dissolving slowly.   No need for a sand filter…yet.  But I bet after a hot afternoon of cutting grass or working around the home, that new pool is perfect for a slow, cooling-off soak.

The idea had crossed my  mind before of filling up the bed of my truck with a liner and letting the garden hose run for a bit.  Could be the first portable pool on wheels in the area.  But I think I like this idea better.

Kathy, my wife, had been talking for sometime about getting a pool built here.  I’m wondering if she could be sold on the idea.  Not sure…but I think she might develop a sever case of ‘hay fever’ and that would kill that brainstorm.

But my hat is off to the Connots.  This was right up my alley.  What’s that old saying…”neccessisty is the mother of invention” or something like that!?

Enjoy the rest of your summer…I’m hoping for an invite back to this place soon…with my trunks. 🙂

To view some more shots of the ‘Redneck Oasis’, click on the photo below here:

BB9G8017 copy