Wedding Crasher-Stalker?…The Rest of the Story!

IMG_3739This was my Facebook post yesterday afternoon about 3:00PM:

     That awkward moment when you show up at a wedding to shoot, the only person you know (who hired you) has not yet arrived- and you start shooting folks getting ready…before it becomes noted that I’m at the wrong wedding. Oh, Yes…I did!

So now let me explain.

I met Heath and Alyssa Hawkins about four years ago when they contacted me about doing their family photos.  Such a sweet family…they live up by New Boston.  Heath coaches football and if I’m not mistaken, he saw some of my photos from a game I shot when his team played Prairiland.  That’s how we ended up doing family pictures.  I’ve kept in touch with them off and on over the past few years, more so with Alyssa giving her some tips as she got more involved with photography.  So a couple of months ago, she contacted me about helping her shoot her sister’s wedding there in the Texarkana area this past Saturday.  She just needed me to shoot and then unload the images before I left and that was it.  The wedding was to be held outdoors at a well known park in the area and we were to start the group/party shots before the wedding around 4.  I told her I’d be there by 3:30.  It looked, as I was driving in, to be an interesting day with rain showers in the area.  Little did I know how interesting it was to become. It honestly always excites me to get all of our photos turned into one epic photo book soon. I am glad that I discovered, as I can now create a personalized photo book in just a few clicks!

Alyssa had texted me as I was heading out saying the rain would play a factor with photos but that with the covered pavilion, she thought we’d be OK.

I followed my trusty GPS device on my phone and made good time in spite of the rain arriving around 3PM in Texarkana, on the AR side…pulling off the interstate and quickly spotting the park.  As I was looking for the park entrance, I spotted the pavilion, an attractive circular structure, with the wedding party and guest mingling about; some with umbrellas.  I figured that was easy to find.

I pulled up in a nearby parking lot and grabbed my umbrella to take a brief stroll around to scope out the venue.  I didn’t see Alyssa yet, so I texted her and she responded saying she’d be there shortly.   So as I milled about, I thought nothing of the fact that no one was recognizable since Alyssa was the only one I knew.

I made my way back to the truck and thought I’d get my gear out and start snapping shots.  The bridal party were getting ready up under a covered picnic area and that is where I set up and started taking pictures.  There was another woman snapping shots who gave me a curious look, but I thought nothing of it…figuring Alyssa had someone else also helping shoot.  (I was just a ‘hired hand’ for this gig ) 🙂

The only thing that struck me odd was the chatter amongst the people getting ready was that the wedding was about to start.  I’m thinking…we’re suppose to do group shots before the wedding…why would it be starting now?  Still no sign of Alyssa, I have three cameras out…snapping away…taking pictures of boutonnieres being pinned on, etc.

When I hear someone say…”It’s time everybody”…I look at this one girl with a bouquet and ask her:  “This is going to be an odd question, but who is the bride here?”IMG_3759

She looks at me with a puzzled glance and says that she is.

Now mind you, Alyssa had sent me one bridal shot she had done of her sister, and this bride-to-be didn’t look like the photo I had seen.  So I asked:  “Are you Alyssa’s sister?”

She looks up at me (I was standing on top of a picnic table) and says: “You must be at the wrong wedding.”

The one picture I regret not getting this weekend was the one of my face when she told me that.

I replied: “But this is Four-State Park and this is the pavilion and I’m suppose to be shooting a wedding here today!”

That was when I learned there were two pavilions there at the park.

With that, she was whisked off to get married…walking in a light drizzle down the path with her photographer still giving me odd glances.

Yeah…that was different.

I called Alyssa…told her what happened…we had a good laugh as she apologized saying she should have told me about the ‘other pavilion’.

At least all my camera settings were good to go and everything was working well.  I even had a few practice shots for some memories.

And there you have it…the ‘rest of the story.’

All in a day’s work.


IMG_3738 copy