Zac Jester Still Playing the Game With Passion

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Once upon a time, back in my first several years of teaching Jr. high school, I had a 6th grade student named Zac.  There were two distinct features about Zac that I remember from that first year of having him in class.  One was his uncanny ability to blow his nose and make it sound almost like a musical score. I could never quite pinpoint just what instrument it reminded me of, but it was unforgettable.   The second feature was his size.  He was bigger than me as a 6th grader.  Therein lies the reason why I never publicly chided him about his daily trip back to the Kleenex box to blow his nose.  Once in awhile I’d ask him if cared to step out in the hall to do his thing…but never once did he feel a need to do his solo in private.

I never  doubted that I would see Zac playing football as he grew older.  And football…he did play….and played well.

So it’s no surprise that I had the pleasure to go shoot a game last night over in Dallas where Zac was still playing football at the young age of 22.  It’s a semi-pro league and team that he plays for and he seems to enjoy the game as much as he did back in Jr. high and high school…and college.

What’s ironic to me is I find myself blogging for the second time in as many weeks about a former student of mine who is pursuing their dream to play pro ball…somewhere…anywhere.  I suppose if I was their former coach, I’d take even greater pride in sharing this with you.  But I was their reading teacher and it was more about staying on their tail for AR points instead of running laps.  But I digress…..

There really is a joy in staying in one place long enough to see the progression of life of former students.  I’m just starting to see kids coming through my class and clearly remember having their parents in school.  (Isn’t that a sign that one has been teaching too long?)

Going over to shoot the game last night really was a treat for me as football remains one of my favorite events to photograph.  The weather was beautiful…I had a good first half of daylight to shoot in which is just heavenly for any football photographer.  And Zac undoubtedly still plays the game with a love and passion that has not diminished one bit.

If you enjoy the game of football…perhaps you’ll enjoy some of these photos from the game.  Just click on the image below to view the gallery…it’s been awhile since I shot a good football game so there are more than a few here to view. 🙂  In the meantime…Zac Jester…good luck to you..stay healthy…and keep pursuing your dream.  Just make sure you get me a sideline pass to your first game in the Big Leagues when you get there.

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