TSA-Shame on You!

Could you not even respond to our inquiries?

I wrote briefly about this right after Christmas.  Many of you knew about Minda losing everything she lost in the apartment fire back in November. Of the few things that survived, one was the Christmas gift she had already ordered for me – two cups that were identical to two lenses I own.  Quite the novelty gift for sure and she was excited about me getting them.

The problem was…she was never able to give them to me because on her flight out of Phoenix on Christmas morning, the two cups were taken out of her suitcase when she checked her bags in at Sky Harbor Airport.  When she arrived in Dallas later that day, she even saw a note attached to her bag saying it was inspected by TSA in Phoenix.  Minda was heartbroken to discover the cups no longer in her bag.

After repeated calls, emails and letters to TSA (along with pictures and baggage claim checks, we heard not a peep from them. NADA. ZIP. SILENCE.

I’m sure who ever lifted these from her bag that day, thought they were getting two expensive items as they come in a box that resembles the boxes the actual lenses are packaged in. Little did they know that Minda takes great effort in wanting to purchase the ‘perfect gift’ for people.  And these were indeed, the perfect gift for me this year.

I’d just like to know why TSA could not have given us the benefit of responding to our claim and/or inquiries.   It only solidifies the reputation that many government agencies have…that they are too big for their own good and run inefficiently.

We certainly never thought we’d ever see those cups again.  But was asking for some response acknowledging our claims too much to ask for?

Shame on you TSA.  It’s no wonder you have PR issues with the public these days.