Dee Says ‘Yes’ to Eric

I was up early Saturday morning to drive Kathy over to Fair Park in Dallas.  She had signed up to run in the Hot Chocolate 15K Race with several other of her colleagues from Baylor Hospital.

It was a chilly morning while I hung out for a couple of hours taking random shots of the events there waiting for Kathy to finish her run. Making my way to the finish line as the runners were filing across, I enjoyed watching the wide assortment of ages, costumes, and facial expressions that finished their race.  Then, totally out of the blue, one couple crossed together and as if on cue, the gentleman runner got down on one knee and proposed to his running companion.  Fortunately for me, I was right there with my camera and captured it all.

I would love to find them and make these pictures available to them…it really was a touching moment to witness.  This will also be an interesting ‘experiment’ for me as well to test the power of social media and see how quickly they can be located online.

I do realize that their entry numbers are available in some of these shots and as a last resort, I may contact the race
organizers but I’m not sure how helpful they would be in giving out their contact info to a stranger.

She did say ‘yes’, by the way, to her suitor. 🙂

Just click on the picture of them above to see the collection of shots that I got and if you don’t mind, please share this link with friends in the DFW area.

Also, some of my other shots of the morning can be viewed here as well…just click on the photo below.