Dee & Eric-Pt II

Well this was fun.  If you saw my previous post about capturing the marriage proposal at the end of that 15K race last Saturday, you knew I was hoping to hunt down the happy couple so I could send the photos on to them.

Making use of the ever present social media today, we discovered that the couple are from Oklahoma and she had a Facebook page.  Kathy actually sent her a message on Sunday and then I contacted the race officials passing the info along to them hoping they might contact  Eric and/or Dee.

This morning, I heard back from Eric in an email and then later in the day, I heard from Dee.  Needless to say, she was elated.  Below is her message to me:

What an amazing day! I’m so grateful you were there! Thank you so much for what you did! I am so overwhelmed. I just can’t believe it all!

This is the message I sent your wife:

Oh my goodness! This is so crazy! I just saw your message… it went to my ‘other messages’. Eric told me about all this just this morning! I cried all day yesterday because everyone has been so sweet and so happy for us! And then today I cried again looking at your husband’s pictures of us! What a blessing he was. You have no idea! Eric’s daughter is going to photography school and was supposed to bring her camera and of all days, she forgot it. She was so upset. God definitely knew how to take care of that though, huh? Your husband was in the exact spot he was put by God! Amazingly beautiful if you ask me.

What a neat ending and what a blessing to have had a part in that.