Minda Story-(update)

Ok…this story is too good not to share.

As many have been made aware of Minda’s plight…the fire, losing everything in her apartment…being out of town all week on business, the story continues to be written.

She finished up her week as planned with a weekend stay in NYC.  She’ll be flying ‘home’ later tonight and will stay at the home of some family/friends there in Tallahassee that have simply been a godsend to her (and us as well)

The past few days…with her work finished, she’s had more down time to start ‘digesting’ what awaits her when she returns back to Florida.  My sister-in-law, Mary Alice was kind enough to offer to drive down today to be there for her over the next few days as Minda faces the harsh reality of what lies in ruins and ashes.  Minda has been doing sort of a mental inventory of what lies in that heap…(all her Christmas shopping which she got done early with this year…a book she had been working on writing that was on her personal laptop computer she had not taken with her…the list goes on and on)

Well, many who know Minda know how much she enjoyed cooking.  In fact, on her 25th birthday, a large group of her friends threw a surprise party for her and invited us to attend.  They had all pitched in and bought her a Kitchen-Aid mixer, which are not cheap.  And a red one at that.

She LOVED that mixer…and it meant so much to her given it was a gift from so many she loves dearly.

Sad to say, it fell victim to the fire.

So a few days ago, I get a message from a couple who knew Minda…they told me they felt compelled to buy her a new Red, Kitchen-Aid mixer and stand and wanted to know about where to send it. (They did not know the one Minda had was red, either)  I had not yet told Minda about this.

This morning, after church let out, Kathy and I made our weekly pilgrimage to Wal-Mart.  As I was meandering in the aisle behind Kathy, I just felt compelled to text Minda and tell her about the kind offer by this couple.

Her response was immediate and with shock.

She at that moment in time…had been strolling through Macy’s back in NYC with some friends and had stopped to take a quick picture.  Not two minutes afterwards, she received my text message telling her about the wonderful offer that had been made.

Below is the photo she sent me.

There are simply no words to describe the range of emotions we, as a family, have experienced this week with all that has unfolded.  We are humbled by the outpouring of support and encouragement and prayers that have been offered up on Minda’s behalf.

And while we of course all recognize that ‘things can be replaced’ (or as a dear friend of ours, Marla, said- ” but you can’t replace  Mindas”) we know that Minda has some painful days ahead as she returns home to sort through the rubbish and find a new place to pitch camp for the next few months. We are also deeply grateful that we are not having to plan a funeral either.

It is still challenging, at this point, to wrap our heads around the question of ‘why did this have to happen to our daughter’…and the careless toss of a cigarette that brought so much ruin for her and others in that building.  It simply makes no sense.   And to repeat…we are so aware that things could have been so much worse.

I might also add here- what makes her personal loss so tough…is the fact that Minda is not a ‘materialistic’ person.  But she can be incredibly sentimental…and so much of what she owns…(or owned)…had a story behind it.

But life goes on.

I am reminded of a quote that I came across years ago by Ralph Waldo Emerson who said:  “All that I have seen…teaches me to trust the creator for all I have not seen”

We shall continue to do just that.

Blessings…and thank you all for your continued prayers for that middle child of ours.