Kathy Corso, RN,BSN,MSN (almost)

It’s been nearly two years.. . or close to it.

Seems like forever.

But today, Kathy will take her final test completing her Master’s program.

I have to say, I’ve been quite impressed with her most recent accomplishment.

It has been no skate-ride for her –  more hours of reading, research, online posting and paper after paper after paper than you can imagine.

I think what has amazed me more than anything through all this has been her self-discipline to stay with this; often times, working hours in to the night after completing a 12-hour shift at the hospital.  Her and I…simply have…different DNA.

She will walk the stage in December.  I keep reminding her that only THEN…will she be certifiably smarter than me.  But no one will be prouder of her than I.  Well…I bet her Mom & Dad would argue that one.

So what is on the horizon for this impressive lady?  Well…if what she is threatening holds true, it will be the ‘Mother-of-all-Honey-Do-List’.    I may end up encouraging her to start on her PhD.