Corso Reunion @ Lake Lure 2012

We pulled off another family reunion at my brother’s place in North Carolina at his lake home on Lake Lure. The older we get, and the more our family spreads out, the greater the accomplishment in pulling us all together for a week of eating, playing and visiting.

We were quite blessed to repeat the feat once again this past week -Our last summer fling before we…well, before I go back to work.  Everyone else in the family works normal jobs year round.  But who’s complaining?

I am looking forward to the new school year to be honest…as I will be teaching a new subject.  After 15 years of being the Jr High Reading teacher, I will be taking over the responsibilities of teaching English.  Our veteran English Teacher, Marla Davis, decided to retire and I felt it was time for a change myself and will be taking over her classes.  Pretty excited about it to be honest.  But I still have another week and a half before I jump back in to that so I’ll enjoy my time.   But I digress. 🙂

Had a great time with the family on our vacation.  And after 52 years of traveling, I reached an ‘ah-ha’ moment and decided if at all possible, I will never fly in another seat except the aisle seat.

On our flight out east last week, I took the window seat…Kathy took the aisle seat and we left the middle seat open for ‘whoever’.  This flight’s ‘whoever’ was a rather large man who nestled down in between us and definitely encroached on our personal space.    It did not help that the A/C on the plane was not working very well as we sat on the tarmac.  It was the first time in a long time I felt claustrophobic.  It dawned on me that when we fly,  Kathy and I can easily take two aisles seats from across each other and be rather comfortable.  But it was a 2 ½ hour miserable learning experience.  I was just thankful for this guy’s ‘citrus smelling’ deodorant he wore liberally.  What a ride it was.

Lake Lure is such a beautiful location there in the mountains of North Carolina, just above the state line of South Carolina, where Steve lives with his family, along with my parents who are still healthy and doing well.

I’m glad to be back home as my calendar is filling up with much to do.  Ready for a new school year and all that comes with teaching a new subject.  And I’m feeling quite blessed and thankful for so many incredible opportunities that have come my way.

You can view my photo collection from the week by clicking on the photo below here: