Where Was I 30 Years Ago Today?

She’s witty, intelligent, beautiful… multi-talented…and She’s my firstborn.

She’s also thirty years old today.  She’s my ‘Lisa-Pizza’.

So thirty years ago this morning, I was in a hospital labor-room with Kathy experiencing for the very first time what millions of other first time parents have walked through.  The birth of our first child.

But our experience was more special because this was Our Lisa coming in to the world.

I’ve experienced many different ‘highs’ in my lifetime.

But nothing can or ever will compare to the ‘high’ of watching your firstborn enter in to the world. She was perfect.  Still is.  As are all my girls.  But then, you can rightly accuse me of being partial.  Guilty as charged.

Oddly enough, I remember some 22 years ago…when I turned 30 myself.  My mom called and expressed how hard it was to believe that she had a 30 year old son.  I think I can appreciate a tad more today – what she was feeling then.

You tend to catalog a reservoir of memories with each child.  I have with mine.

Coming home daily from work when she was just 3 years old, she’d greet me at the front door so often and with a sing-song voice exclaiming:  “So…tell me about your day!”

We shared many a lunches at McDonald’s when I used to take her out with me on my paper runs in San Antonio.  She never quite understood how my sneaking some of her french fries was suppose to be ‘helping her out’.

Lisa has always been a strong and independent young woman.  I love her humor.  I love to hear the way she thinks. She really is one smart cookie.  And I could not be any prouder to be called her ‘Dad’.

Last summer, I had the pleasurable honor of giving her away to a man I have no doubt worships the ground she walks on.  As a father, you kinda want to see your girls marry a man that will love them as much as you do.  Paul does and I could not be more blessed.

I’m not quite sure how Lisa is personally feeling today hitting the big 3-0.  It’s just a number.  But she is a lot more than ‘just a girl’.

She’s my girl.  My firstborn.  And I love her so…always have…always will.

Happy Birthday Lisa Adriana Devereaux.  🙂