Sunflowers, Jury Duty, & Bounced Checks

Yeah…random title, I know.  But that’s the fun of having your own blog.

So I had a couple of local friends contact me the past few days to tell me about these sunflower fields that were in full bloom over by Honey Grove, a town about 15-20 minutes west of Paris.  They figured I’d probably want to go take a few pictures.  They were right. 🙂

I have traveled that road countless times over the 23 years we have lived here in Paris and had to make a trip in to Dallas.  I don’t recall ever seeing these flowers being raised here, and they indeed make a great photo shoot.  In fact, I convinced a young ‘bride-to-be’ whose bridal shoot I was doing this week, to take a ride over there for some pictures.  What a fun deal to shoot.  Just click on the photo here to see others if you like sunflowers.  (no bridals, just flowers)

So far, it’s been a pleasant summer break for me.  I’m the only one in the family off,  but everyone else  seems to be traveling.  Lisa and Paul just returned from Maui after celebrating their one year anniversary.  Amazing to think we were all out in San Diego a year ago taking part in that special occasion.   Then, Caralyn had a few days off and just left for Phoenix to go see Lisa and Paul for a long weekend.  She must have an inner liking for triple digit heat, and I mean 110+ heat.  Kathy flies out tomorrow for a conference in Washington DC, work-related.  So it will be a quiet week here in Paris,  I assume.  Oh, with the exception of a little appointment I have on Monday.  I blogged two years ago about getting my first call for a jury summons at the age of 50.  It was somewhat of an uneventful day as I was not selected to serve.  Two years later (as in last week) I got a call back.  Needless to say, after another uneventful and somewhat boring morning of courthouse procedures, I was surprised to hear my name called out as I was seated to serve in a trial case Monday morning.  This will be a first.  Have to admit, it just might be interesting.  Doubt I’ll get any book deals when it’s all wrapped up.  We were told, it should be done in one day.  I hope so as I am scheduled to teach a couple of photography lessons on Tuesday, the next day.  We’ll see.

And then there is Minda.  Granted, her travels have been confined to the state that is her current home, Florida; but her work related travel would have to be described as, ‘interesting’ at best.  Check out the photo here that she snapped at her meeting yesterday down in Orlando.  Quite the company she keeps these days working for Gov. Jeb Bush.  Jeb and Mitt were having a little chat before speaking at this event that Minda was taking part in.  Go figure.  How does that girl end up in the places she does?!  Proud of her though.   🙂

So now you are asking about the ‘bounced checks’ I suppose.  Actually, it’s not that noteworthy but sounded good for being in the title here today.  Over the past few years, I have found myself as a ‘small business owner’ with my little photography business that continues to grow.  It’s not uncommon at times when doing a big job with lots of people/parents involved to get some checks returned from the bank.  It happens.  Been there, Done that.  Sure, it’s a hassle to type up a letter, mail it to the person whose check was returned, and hope they will contact me to make it good.  I do know now why businesses tag on their own surcharge for the hassle and cost of doing this.  And that’s on top of what the bank charges both parties.  I know it’s a pain when someone writes a check out for some pictures that might have been 20 or 25 dollars ,  and when the dust settles, they end up paying three times that due to a book keeping error on their part.  But I learned something today that I did not realize that was kinda neat.  I had three checks sitting here on my desk that were 4-6 weeks old.  They totaled about $120 and I had written letters to each customer who wrote these but had not heard back from any of them.  So for some reason, I decided to call the bank on one of the check owners to see if they could help me out with a phone number or any other info.  They asked me what the account # was, I told them, and then was informed I could come by there with that copy and get it paid. Apparently there was money in the account to cover it.

I did not know I could do that.  Then, to my surprise, I realized that all three checks were from the same banking institution.  So I took them all in and was delighted to find out that all three accounts had sufficient funds to pay for them.  Often times, you kind of think in the back of your mind that you’ll never see that money again, except when those few folks who do care about such matters are quick to make them good. But I was tickled to kill three birds with one stone today with one stop.  Not a bad morning, to be honest.


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