Bull Riding and Buffalo Wings

Once again, my camera has granted me access to some incredibly fun and engaging experiences to photograph.  Most recently, it was the first ever PBR (Pro Bull Riding) Event held here in Paris, TX.  Long story short – I was granted an all access pass to shoot the event and given the best seat in the house (or so I would think) in the ‘shark cage’ planted directly in the center of the arena.

Overall, it was pretty entertaining evening.   Admittedly, I couldn’t tell you one well known rider from the other, but I know I love to shoot good action and have been covering our local rodeo event here for the past 4-5 years…always enduring to the end of the night to photograph the bull riding event.  But on this particular night, it was nothing but bull riding.  I felt like a 12 year old all over again.  There were a few lighting challenges, as usual, at this arena but I still came out with some decent shots. I posted two separate galleries one being CANDID shots and the other BULL RIDING .  Just click on either of those to see them if you haven’t already. 🙂

The picture above here was taken by Robbie Gunn and that is yours truly in the ‘cage’ along with a young man who was running the video that was projected on the large screen for replay action.  And no…there were no ‘near death’ experiences that night…few bulls blew by and snorted but nothing serious.  Fun night for sure.


It’s hard to believe another school year is coming to a rapid close.  As I write/post this, we have one more day of exams left, then a work day on Friday with our high school graduation that night.  Just…no words to express the wonder over how fast time goes by.  Last summer was a busy one for us with four separate trips we had planned…two of which were for weddings…one being our firstborn, Lisa.  Her and Paul are doing well as they approach their one year anniversary.

If things slow down too much sports wise around here, I might consider taking up ‘food photography’.  That actually is an intriguing subject for me…probably since I enjoy food so much.  This past year, I’ve been dabbling at hot wings.  For awhile, it was an indulgence for me when I was on a low carp/high protein diet for a good part of last year.  In the past, I would just marinate the wings in sauce, then bake in the oven for about 40 minutes.  But I tried something different today and it was quite tasty…baked them for about 15 minutes in the oven, then slapped those wings on a hot grill outside, basting them with a tasty sauce and woo-la…I found a new love and way for cooking them.


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