Making No Bones About It

It’s Easter weekend.

Living here in NE Texas where I teach in a rural area, you will find no shortage of Christian churches.   So I thought I’d see how many of my students knew the significance of the upcoming ‘holiday’.

I did this a few years ago and was intrigued by the responses. So I am again, sharing with you this year, the results of a ‘bonus’ question on their weekly vocabulary quiz.

Every Friday, my 6th and 7th graders take a vocabulary quiz over the words they received earlier in the week.  I usually add on a bonus question at the end that has to do with some detail out of the novel we are reading at the time.  The question is worth an extra 5 points but not mandatory to answer.

The question I added today was:  “According to Christian teachings, why were the bones of Jesus never found after his crucifixion (death on the cross)?”

For the record, I had 127 sixth and seventh graders in class today.   Out of all those students, I had 45 papers turned in where no response was given at all; or an ‘IDK’ or ‘?’ was marked down.

There were of course, a number of students who knew the appropriate answer to the question and did a reasonable job explaining their response.

And then there are the ‘interpretive’ answers that I always find to be a charming read. I share some of those with you here:

Again, the question they had an option to answer was:

“According to Christian teachings, why were the bones of Jesus never found after his crucifixion (death on the cross)?”

-because they were buried

-he was put in a home and then went to heaven

-didn’t he float away or get put in a tunnel?

-he never really died

-because he rose up and he did not lose his flesh and nobody will probably ever find the bones

-people hid them away

-his bones disintegrated

-people broke them all so God his them so no one could find them

-because they burned the cross

-they put him on a cross and they could not take him off of it

-he took the bones with him to heaven

-people believe they were burned

-God made them disappear

-no clue

-they were scattered around the world

-They went to heaven – God did’t want anything of Jesus to be left on Earth

-I honestly have no idea but I love Jesus.

-he never died. he came out after two days.

-he supposedly got up and walked out of the tomb

-he resurrected and took them with him.  ( got to wonder what he hauled them in *smile*)

When I did this a few years ago, by favorite answer then was the student who wrote:  “We haven’t got to that part yet”

This year, my most favorite response was:

he became a lamb after three days

(That one just made me smile.)

I am personally thankful for a Risen Savior.  Borrowing the words of the Apostle Paul, ‘if my hope was in this world alone, I would be of all men, most miserable.”

Happy Easter :- )