That’s A LOT of $$$

I’m not a gambler.

Can’t say it ever really fascinated me.  But then, I never really had much money to gamble with after raising three girls. We had a long stretch of some very lean years back then.

When my parents use to in Las Vegas, we would visit them from time to time and Mom would usually give us some ‘play money’ to go out and play the slots in the local casinos.  Needless to say, I never hit it big.

And for the record: The lottery has never appealed to me.  At any level.

So I’ve never played it.

Until this week.

I caught the headlines a few days ago about the ‘mega-millions’ jackpot nearing a total of 500 million dollars and thought that was just an insane amount of money.

Who knows …why I fired off a quick email to some coworkers joking about us taking an ‘early retirement’ and pitching in 10 dollars each to pool our funds on some tickets.

It didn’t take long for nearly the entire campus to bring me their money  wanting a chance at instant wealth.

So in about seven hours from this writing, when the numbers are drawn on what will easily be the largest lottery jackpot giveaway in world history, there is a possibility that 26 of us holding a total of 260 combinations, could see our lives changed overnight.  Don’t worry….I’m not holding my breath and drafting up my resignation.  But I did open up my house for an all night celebration/planning party for the group should our numbers win.

But I have to admit, that for ten bucks, it has provided a good bit of smiles, laughs, and ‘daydreams’ over the past 48 hours.  It’s been fun to sit at lunch with my fellow comrades and talk about what we would do if we won and how we would navigate through the whirlwind of activity should we receive such a prize.  I figure I could drop 10 dollars at a local movie theater and be entertained for 2 hours while eating a bag of popcorn.  This just lasted longer and has been, for some strange reason, a charming distraction that has brought a lot of smiles to us all.

Obviously, no one here is holding out thinking we will actually win.  Well, maybe a couple of them are. *wink…they know who they are-wink*

Honestly, I cannot even imagine how life would change for us all …to experience such a windfall.  After having the past 48 hours to chew on it, I do think I know what would be a fun project for me to get involved with. That would be to do a photo-type story for a book documenting how such an extraordinary event would transform the lives of 26 school teachers and the surrounding community.

I do recognize and acknowledge the sad reality that multitudes of people across the country are probably scraping up money…they do not have and betting against all odds that this could be their long awaited pot of gold.  Who knows how many kids will suffer and miss a meal, or see their lights turned off because of irresponsible parents losing sight of priorities and obligations?

But I can’t do anything about that.

And I’m glad I’m not manning the ‘switchboard in heaven’ as prayers for the winning numbers bombards God’s throne.

Mom laughs telling me the story about how years ago, when they still lived in Vegas, California’s state lottery had a pretty big jackpot up for grabs.  Her and Dad decided to make a drive over to the state line and pick up some tickets and on the way, they started discussing what they would do with the winnings if they had the lucky combination of numbers.  Before they ever got to the store, they admittedly had gotten in to a rather heated fight disagreeing on how they thought the money should be spent.  Go figure….just glad they can laugh looking back on that one.

Anyway, as the week comes to a close, I have to admit that I count myself to be blessed beyond measure in so many ways.  Winning 640 million dollars (latest projection as this writing) would just be the icing on the cake.

Heck Yeah…that would be a lot of icing.

Good luck to everyone else out there who has enjoyed their own personal daydreams over the past few days.

(And speaking of handling all those prayers, someone reminded me of a scene out of the movie, “Bruce Almighty’.  Funny stuff.)