KONY 2012

How much….is too much…when it comes to being made aware of all the heartache and tragedy that takes place on this planet we call ‘home’?

Over the years, I have often thought that with the overwhelming influx of information that we are inundated with 24/7, at what point do our hearts  become seared and unable to respond in a decent manner.

Famines, genocide, natural disasters – tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes…the list goes on and on.  We’ve all seen the images on our TV’s, computers, magazines, or whatever other means of communication you are wired in to.

The starving, tear stained face of a child swarmed by flies compels us to act.  The images we see after massive widespread destruction leaving multitudes of people homeless and desperate leave us shaking our heads and feeling totally inadequate to offer any significant help.  Finally, we can reach a point of ‘overload’ and if not careful, our hearts can become calloused.

So now we are fully immersed in the ‘age of Facebook‘.  A week never goes by where we are not hearing about the latest  YouTube clip that has gone ‘viral’.  And Twitter is credited with aiding revolutions in the Middle East.  In short, the world has become even smaller than what the satellite and television made it.  Will this age of internet only expedite our breaking point when it comes to how much info we can take in and at the speed we receive it?  Time will only tell.

Having said all that, I have to share a video clip I watched today.  I found it upsetting, convicting, intriguing and fascinating from a cultural point of view. It is the current generation’s way of ‘changing the world’.  Or at last attempting to make a difference.

We can only embrace so many social causes. Yet, I don’t think we can ever be reminded enough, that no matter how bad you think you have it, you truly need not look far to find others who are much worse off.  Nothing like a little perspective to nurture out souls.

I recognize that it is unrealistic to think many people will take the time to watch a video clip that last THIRTY WHOLE MINUTES.  Yet, something within me feels compelled to share this one.  I’m challenged by it. It stirs something within me, yet at this point in time, I’m not sure what that ‘something’ is.  But allow me to challenge you to watch it as well.

Amazingly…when I started it this morning before school started, there had been 1,835,351 views on this YouTube presentation.

I stopped it when school started…then finished it when classes let out this afternoon.  When I ‘refreshed’ the page, the number of views had leaped to 7,377,102 views… in less than 8 hours.