Sidelined at Independence Bowl

Several weeks back, Sam Craft, the photographer at the Paris News called me to see if I’d be interested in going to shoot the Independence Bowl in Shreveport, LA .  He knew that was a rhetorical question as the answer was obvious.  If he could secure the two sideline passes, it was a ‘go’.  He did indeed secure two media passes.  So yesterday, the day after Christmas, we went.

It was irrelevant that two mediocre teams, Missourri and North Carolina were featured to play.  And the fact that rain was forecast for the whole day with the temps staying in the mid 40’s was just a minor detail.  Shooting a college bowl game was a first for me.  And it was a great day.  After what seemed like a quick two and a half  hour drive through East Texas in a light rain, a quick lunch at Fuddruckers, we headed to the lit up stadium.  Seemed like the most tedious task of the day was ‘dressing up’ both ourselves and our gear.

I knew the last thing I wanted to do was end up wet and cold, so I made sure I was well protected as evident in the photo here that Sam took of me.  And in spite of the expression on my face, I really had a great time.  I LOVE shooting football…and to be on the sidelines for a college bowl game was just a great experience.  I stayed in the one end zone the whole game.  Normally when I shoot local games, I roam the sidelines but you cannot believe the mass crowds that swarm the sidelines and it is quite a feat to navigate up and down the sidelines.  I was content staying planted right where I was.

When I got home last night, I started downloading the pictures to my computer and turned on ESPN and sure enough, they were actually REPLAYING that bowl game.  I had to laugh seeing myself on a few plays there in the end zone all bundled up.

Again, I gotta give a grateful shout out to Sam for making this all happen.  He’s a class act and an excellent photographer.  The Paris News is fortunate to have him on their staff.

If you would like to preview the photos I took/posted, just click on the image below.

Happy New Year 🙂