She Graduates…

What a weekend.

What a Journey.

And what a testimony of God’s unfailing Grace.

Caralyn is now a college graduate with her BSN in Nursing.  Her daily countdown began 755+ days ago when she began this journey back in Tyler when she transferred down there to begin work on her BSN.  It ended this past Friday as highlighted by the creative art work on her graduation cap she wore during her commencement exercise that we were all able to attend this past weekend. 

What a blessing to have Lisa and Paul fly in from Phoenix, along with Minda who flew in from Tallahassee.  And Mary Alice Corso, my brother Steve’s wife,  joined us for this special occasion as well.

We all arrived in Tyler on Thursday where I got a photo shoot in with Caralyn and some of her close friends who were also graduating with her.  We enjoyed a nice evening with her while waiting on the rest of the family to arrive after a late drive in from DFW in a pouring rain.

The next morning we headed over to the university for the ‘pinning’ service where the new RN’s are pinned by another RN who has a special place in their lives.  It was a no-brainer for Caralyn to choose Kathy.  Obviously a special and emotional occasion for all involved.

Seems like if we were not at some ceremony, we were eating.  So after a quick lunch, we went back to the university for the college of nursing commencement exercise where Caralyn graduated with her fellow classmates.  After more tears and cheers and family pictures, we made met at a local Starbucks prior to a fancy dinner at an upscale restaurant there in Tyler.

The next day, we made our pilgrimage back home to Paris in a caravan of  4 vehicles.  We shared a early Christmas dinner of sorts, took some more pictures, enjoyed some great family time and then watched folks leave today (Sunday) to catch their respective flights home from Dallas.

Tomorrow, Kathy and I will drive in to Dallas with Caralyn to make a diligent attempt to help find an apartment for Caralyn to set up home in as she landed a great job with Baylor working in their ER/Trauma department. She begins work on January 16 and will have to take her state boards sometime between now and then.

Caralyn turned 24 not even a month ago.  She will always be my ‘little girl’…but my admiration for her as a young woman is off the charts. I stand in awe of her accomplishments and am deeply humbled by the determination and dilligence in which she demonstrated to achieve this incredible goal in her life.

I can hardly wait to see what God has in store for her next.

Pictures from this special weekend can be viewed by clicking on the family photo below.