Thanksgiving Memories and Bonding Moments

I’m not sure what a ‘normal’ holiday week is anymore for us  as our family dynamics have changed in the past couple of years.

Minda flew in for this week after her recent move out to Florida for her new job where she learned she would have this whole week off.  The thing is, both Kathy and Caralyn went ahead and scheduled themselves to work today in their respective hospital.  We plan on doing our Turkey dinner on Saturday.  Needless to say, Minda didn’t get any ‘sister’ time with Caralyn and little ‘Mom’ time with Kathy since she’s working in Dallas this week.  Minda will be back in a couple of weeks to celebrate Caralyn’s graduation from nursing school and Lisa and Paul will join us as well.

So that left good old Dad to hang with this week.

I had to teach on Mon/Tue and then got called upon last Saturday evening to see if I could conduct a funeral service Tuesday afternoon.  It worked out where I only had to miss my last two class periods so I arranged for Minda to come in and take those two classes  for me as my ‘sub’.

What was so funny was during one of those class periods, another student of mine came in to the class looking for a book or something they left and the kids in the class told them to look on the back bookcase where I put such left behind articles.  So that is where Minda directed them and when the student found what they were looking for,  Minda just spontaneously responded with a  “DING DING DING…We Have a Winner”.

What was hilarious was how the class erupted in laughter saying:  “That is exactly what your Dad would have done!”

Poor Minda…as much as she shakes her head over it…she is most like me.  DNA is a funny thing.

Then, on Wednesday, my first day off of this long weekend, the weather was great so I decided to get an early start on getting the Christmas lights up outside on the house.  I figured I had the extra help, so why not?

So there we are, Minda and I up on the rooftop.  I’m stringing lights up on the far end of the window tops and I have her with the leaf blower cleaning off all the leaves-twigs-acorns that have accumulated.  Keep in mind, it’s not a gas powered device, but an electric one with a long extension cord connected to it.

I come around from one of the second story windows and see her sitting down and the blower is off.  I asked her if she is having fun yet.  She looks at me with distraught look and ask : “Did you not hear me scream?”

I inquire what the problem is and she proceeds to inform me that she accidentally knocked the ladder down and away from the house with the cord.

I am rather dumbfounded not wanting to believe what I just heard.  I look and sure enough, it’s laying flat on the ground.

At this point, she  starts laughing and can’t seem to stop.  I’m trying to figure out how this all happened…and how are we going to get down.  When I ask her if she has her phone on her so I can call a neighbor, she informs me it is on my truck.  All I can think of is that this almost 52 year old body is not going to jump and how long will we be stranded up here.

When Minda finally catches her breath from laughing, muttering something about really needing to use the bathroom now from all the laughing, she does get the bright idea of ‘breaking in’ to the upstairs window.

Fortunately, one of the windows were not locked and there ended up being a happy ending to this story.  Lights are up, we are down.

So what to do on a Thanksgiving Day with just the two of us?  Well, we’re going to join some 75,000+ Cowboy fans at Texas Stadium today and catch our second Thanksgiving Cowboy game.  Of the three girls…she became quite the football fan.  Go figure.  So we have donned our Cowboy Jersey’s and are off for some more father/daughter time.

Happy Thanksgiving and here’s to making more memories and sharing fun bonding moments.