Game Day – Thanksgiving 2011

It was a great day with Minda.  We made a batch of cinnamon rolls to take in to Kathy at the hospital where she was spending her Thanksgiving.  We actually got to stay for a nice meal there with the staff before we headed on to Arlington.  Minda has a good friend who allowed us to park at his house the last time we went and did so again yesterday- then drove us to and picked us up at the stadium when the game was over.  Thanks Ross. 🙂

We had pretty good seats even if we were so high up.  I was able to take in my camera with a decent lens but not really long enough to get good action shots, although I tried my best.  Sure was not the same as shooting from the sidelines like I’m accustomed to doing back here at home for local high school games.  But…what the heck…still fun being there.

Just click on the picture here of Minda and I to view the gallery of pictures that I got yesterday.