An Encounter with ‘Bigfoot’ ?

So on my way home last night from shooting a local football game, my mind was sort of daydreaming as I thought about all those wild animals that had got loose up in Ohio.  A few minutes later I pulled in to our place that was quite dark, being out there in the country.

Mollie, our ‘indoor’ dog was anxious to see me and to get out and do her ‘business’.  So I put her on her leash and brought her out without turning any porch lights or outdoor floodlights on.  Immediately, CoCo, (our outdoor dog) goes ballistic and rushes towards the front of the house barking fiercely.  Mollie is pulling taunt on the leash wanting to pursue some unseen intruder.  I just assumed it was another armadillo that had been visiting my front yard of late and digging for a meal.  I hear something rustling in the leaves so I decide to grab a flashlight and confirm if it is indeed that pesky armadillo.

Now keep in mind, I’m used to seeing ‘critters’ of multiple kinds out where I live.  I also am not unfamiliar with the glowing-demon eye look you see when you flash a light towards an animal.  But let me tell you I was not prepared for the yellow glowing eyes that I saw staring back at me…FIVE FEET ABOVE THE GROUND..almost eye level with me!  And that was ALL I saw. Nothing else.  I remember uttering aloud: “What in the world is that?”  Both dogs were still barking frantically and after banging on my flashlight a few times to help boost the brightness of the light, I then realized that what was staring me down was a stray cow that had gotten out somewhere and was feasting on my patch of watered grass.

I then grabbed my camera and tried to get a quick shot off…hard to focus on a subject that is immersed in darkness.  I did enjoy a good chuckle over all that.