A Noteworthy Incident from the Sidelines

I shot six football games this weekend.  A couple of Jr. High games, a couple of high school games and two PeeWee football games on Saturday.

When you are photographing a game on the sidelines, you see and hear a lot of stuff.  And I felt it was worth taking a few minutes to jot this one incident down that I witnessed today by a 6th grade football player.

Ethan Mullins is actually  a student of mine this year.  I’ve seen him play in local little league games the past couple of  years in both football and basketball.  He seems to be a decent athlete and is a bit taller/larger than most of his classmates.

During the game today, he was running the ball down the sidelines for a substantial gain when one of the opposing players ran across field and tackled him just short of the goal line taking him out of bounds on the play.  I was standing right there to witness the play.

What really blessed me was when Ethan got up and tossed the football to the ref, he walked past the kid who tackled him, and was probably half his size, and slapped him on the shoulder pad and said “That was a good tackle”.

That really made an impression with me.  In a really big way. A very small, but impressive act of tremendous sportsmanship.

I’m sure over the next nine months I’ll probably have to get on Ethan, as his teacher, as I will all my students.  But today, I tip my hat to him.

Don’t change that part of your nature Ethan.  You’ve been raised well.