Family Update

Someone once said that a parent is only as  ‘happy as their saddest child’.  Interesting thought and admittedly true.

I’m happy to say that these days, Kathy and I are happy.  All the girls are riding high and doing well.  We met up in Dallas Monday night at  our favorite restaurant to celebrate Kathy’s birthday.  I drove in after school as did Caralyn from Tyler.  Kathy was working in Dallas and Minda didn’t have far to drive so we enjoyed the evening together at Maggiano’s.

Minda was pumped as she had just got off the phone and accepted a new job that she had been praying fervently about for months.  It really is quite a story of faith in the making and being the gifted writer she is, you’ll be inspired to read about it here:  MINDA’S BLOG She will be moving to Tallahassee, FL in about three weeks to work for Jeb Bush and his educational foundation where she’ll be heavily involved with the social media. Quite a story and we are elated for her.

Lisa remains happily married to Paul and they just passed their ‘3 month milestone’.  Didn’t know there was such a thing, but then it’s been awhile since we passed that marker.  Her and Paul will be joining us in December when we all gather to celebrate with Caralyn.  Caralyn reminds us weekly on the amount of days left before she graduates from UT at Tyler with her BSN in nursing.  Last report I got we were down to something like 87 days.  She is doing great  and already has her sights on Portland, OR.  She is ready to spread her wings and travel and get out of the warm, dry climate of Texas.   I asked Kathy last week what she is going to do with all three of her girls spread all over the country.  She informed me her money would be going towards plane tickets.

What a season in life this is.  We could not be any happier or more proud for our girls. We love them deeply and are excited to see God’s plans unfold for them.

Kathy continues her love affair with Baylor Hospital and the great nurses she works with in the OB ward.  And I am still plugging away trying to educate my 6th/7th graders and putting an occasional smile on their faces.  I’d tell you what I do with my spare time…if I had some.  I continue staying busy with the photography and am currently in the middle of doing our school district’s school pictures and shooting lots of football.  Life is good.  And yet not a day ever goes by when I remind myself how temporal it all is…and how quickly things can change.  I count my blessings daily.