Lake Lure 2011-Summer Vacations Wind Down

Ok- I think we’re done traveling now for the summer. Better be as school starts back up for me in two weeks.
I knew this would be a fast summer.
We ended our travels out at my brother’s lake home in North Carolina at Lake Lure. It dawned on me while out there no matter how much we build up this trip in our minds in anticipation of going, we are never disappointed. It’s always a great time to spend with family. Steve and Mary are such great hosts and you could not find better meals anywhere than what what Steve serves up from his smoker.  Just click on the family photo below if you care to view some pictures from the week out there.

So now back home here in Texas (and it’s always nice to be back home) we are facing a record breaking summer with the heat here.  This week is suppose to be the hottest week in a decade with temps expected to be around 108.
It’s going to be a busy two weeks here before getting back to the routine at school.  The Paris Rodeo starts up this Thursday night which is always a fun event to shoot.  Then, on Saturday, I will spend the day in my first Bridal Fair Event up in town.  The Paris News is hosting the first ever Bridal Fair here in town for various vendors and future couples.  So I’m setting up my booth to promote my wedding photography.  Should be interesting.
I’ve been trying to talk myself in to finishing up cutting a tree across the road for firewood that I’ll need this winter but it sure is hard to get motivated when it’s this hot outside.
I trust your summer has been enjoyable as well whether you have traveled or just stayed put.