Hot Afternoon in Pattonville

I had been pretty frustrated this afternoon fighting for hours with a program on my computer that would simply not cooperate.  Sad to say I was not pleasant company to be around.  A little after 3:00 this afternoon, I get a phone call from Sam Craft, the Photographer at the Paris News who was headed out my way. He was calling to make sure I was not in the path of a huge grass fire that was creating quite a stir south of where I live.  I grabbed my gear and told him I’d meet him out on FM196.

There was quite a gathering of local police, fire depts., and just local neighbors.  We really didn’t have good access to get close to take pictures so I told Sam to jump back in his truck and follow me.  Within 10 minutes and some kicking up a lot of gravel and dust, we pulled up to the back yard of some folks I knew and had the best view of watching crews put out the fire. The giant helicopter was amazing to watch as it would swoop down, suck up hundreds of gallons of water from local ponds and then dump it on hot spots.  Interesting to note how much darker the water drops get as you can tell the ponds were getting low and the water was muddier.

As far as I know, there were no injuries or structural damage so it made for a hot and exciting afternoon that totally changed my mood and I came back home pretty pumped and much less irriated.  Now I’m off to go shoot another night of rodeo action.  Tomorrow…believe it or not…I’ll clean up and actually have an attractive display at the local Bridal Fair.

What a Life I get to live. 🙂

Click on the photo below if you want to see the pictures I took today.