Copying/Downloading Images from my Site

If you are familiar with my web site here, you know I’ve always given my blessing on copying/downloading images that I post on here. Usually it’s the local sports shots that draws viewer and I have stated on my site here my ‘policy’ or thoughts on that subject – HERE

Since revamping my web site, I opted to use Flickr to host my galleries as it just works better and is more user friendly.  I always link my recent updated game shots to my account there.   I just wanted to explain here how to copy/download images from those particular galleries as it is a bit different than the old format I have used in the past.

When you go to a particular game/gallery, the page you are linked to will look like this: (follow links)

First Click

Then, when you click on an individual photo in the gallery, you’ll see this

Second Click

Click on the photo one more time and you get this screen:

Third Click

Up in the right hand corner of that screen, you’ll see an option to ‘view all sizes’.  When you click on that, you’ll be taken to a page where you find a ‘download’ option.  Click on that and you can save the image to your computer and get prints made, post it on your facebook page, etc.

Good luck…email me if you have any questions problem.