Jet-Setting Summer

Really, this is not our norm to travel this much.  I don’t think we even went anywhere last summer.  But we are sure making up for it this summer; and honestly, it’s been really a wonderful experience given the traveling destinations we have been to.

First it was to San Diego in June to be a part of Lisa and Paul’s wedding.  Shortly thereafter, Kathy had a convention to attend in Denver for work so that was the ideal time for Mike Fioritto and I to get together for what has become a summer tradition for us-doing something with our love for photography.  I went to his place in Chicago where he helped me (well, really he did it all) overhaul my web site which I am quite pleased with.  I know…I know…some of you probably wish I had left it alone but it really was in great need of an improvement/modernization.

Then we just got back from a week in the Seattle, WA area where we were blessed to see our niece, Rachel Rowland get married.  I actually officiated the ceremony which was a thrill and honor for me.  There is so much I could write about that week from the joy of being with such wonderful family members, to the beautiful scenery/weather.  I actually went up early as I had received an invite from a photography club there at Intel, where Craig, my BIL, works.  They asked me to come do a workshop on action/sports photography and that was pretty cool.  I got so tickled when I walked in and saw several of these poster around the complex.

The wedding service went well and I did ok not having a camera or two hung around my neck.  Not that I would not have minded shooting this ceremony as the building was simply beautiful and I am sure helped create a wonderful backdrop for the photos that were taken on Saturday.

It was also the first time we had seen Lisa and Paul since their wedding which was really nice.  We’ll even get to see them again soon as we have just one more get-away planned and that will be with all my family for a reunion.  It’s been two years since we’ve all been together and seems way too long.  After that, I guess I’ll be gearing up for school to start back soon, if you can believe that.

But without a doubt, I am a blessed man; very thankful for all my family and relish every time we have the opportunity to visit.  Funny how as the years zoom by that you tend to appreciate them more and more.

I did obviously take a few snapshots of the week up in Washington if you care to view them.  No particular order, rhyme, or reason to these. Just a collection of shots from the wedding rehearsal, a couple of outings on the Pugent Sound in Craig’s boat, etc.  Just click on the photo of the ferry boat at the top to see the gallery.  I hope your summer has been an enjoyable one for you and your loved ones as well.