Houston- We Have Lift Off…the New Site is Up !

Well this has been a long time in coming.  My girls would have to say that I’ve come of age and joined the 21st century now. 🙂

It was about this time 5 years ago when I purchased on line, my first  DSLR camera.  We were facing an empty nest here at home and I needed something to ‘tinker’ with.  At the nudging of my father-in-law, I waded back in to my photography.  And I really did enjoy learning the craft all over again.

I can’t remember when I got the hair brain notion to launch a web site but I could see from numerous web sites I would go to learn and ask questions about the photography, that everyone seemed to be posting web sites.  It certainly is a great way to share your images.  So I consulted with a good teacher/friend at school who tutored me on how to put a basic site together using Microsoft FrontPage.  It was the 2003 version and a version, frankly, that MS never bothered to update or improve upon.  But it worked fine for me.  Was easy to use and I still laugh when I think back of those early days on what some of those pages looked like.

At the urging of my daughters, I did come to the conclusion that my site was in desperate need of an upgrade-overhaul.  I was very reluctant and drug my feet on doing this, due mainly to ignorance and not really sure how to go about such a task.

I knew what I wanted in a web site and what I Didn’t want.

Long story short- I got some input from a great friend of mine who goes way back.  We’ve been friends since high school and have kept in frequent touch over the years.  Still hard to believe Mike went ‘geeky’ on me, but he has learned his craft well and was kind enough to encourage me to take the plunge and offer his assistance and expertise.  For the past several years, we’ve been able to get together on a regular basis for some photo projects.  I went up his way to Chicago a few years back…shot his daughter’s wedding and bridal pictures; shot the Chicago marathon with him.  Then he came down here the past two summers to shoot a baseball tournament and the Paris Rodeo with me.  I don’t think he was too keen on spending another 100+ degree summer down here, so the idea of kicking back in his place working on a web site had more appeal to him. 😉  And that is where I was this past week…putting all the pieces together for this new project.

I’m pretty pumped – very pleased with the results.

I know for many of you who frequent this site that it will take some getting used to, but I hope in the long run, you will enjoy it and continue to visit as I continue to post images of so many events that take place around here in Lamar County.  Please shoot me an email to let me know what you think or if come across any glitches.

Mike Fioritto – YOU DA MAN.  Much Thanks Friend.

Happy July 4th Weekend Everyone.