Happy 4th of July

Paris, Texas actually put on their annual fireworks display last night, July 3.  So once again, I hauled my gear out to see what I could photograph. I’m really posting this more to try out a new photo gallery format with the new web site.  I’ve had this Flickr account for awhile but rarely use it.  I kind of like the format and am always trying to tweak things to make it more user friendly.  If you have viewed some of my previous galleries (that I create in Photoshop) and have found them at times lacking an easy flow for viewing, I’d love to hear back from you on this new gallery style via Flickr.  And look….you can even comment on my blog here now. 🙂  Just click on the photo here of the fireworks and it should link you to the gallery.  Thanks…and Happy 4th of July !

Thankful for my freedom.