Paris By Night

I had been wanting to do this for the last month or two – drive around the area at night and grab some ‘night time shots’. So last Friday seemed like the ideal time. Just click on the shot of the tower here if you want to see what Paris looks like around here under the canopy of dark.

The Museum continues to get some interesting write ups in local Dallas articles as the Survivor exhibit is getting some favorable reviews. In fact, last I heard, there are some potentially interesting doors looming with this exhibit which all seems surreal to me. Who knows what will come of all this. But here’s the latest article –

This coming Tuesday, I will be taking my third annual field trip with my 7th graders to the museum.

They have been pretty intrigued with the novel I just finished reading to them, which is what I have been reading for years to my 7th grade classes. It’s just kind of amazing to think back over how this all started with these field trips and then last year, contacting the museum and offering to take some pictures of their survivors led to this whole exhibit deal.

NEVER would have dreamed this early on. I just like taking pictures…and the subject matter continues to awe me.