The Journey Continues

I have mixed feelings about posting this today as the last thing I am wanting to do is come across as ‘self-promoting’. But this whole journey with the Holocaust Survivor Shoot has been such an amazing experience for me in so many ways. And I do sort of use this blog to post what’s going on in my world these days.

If you are unfamiliar with what I’ve been involved with, you can just click on ‘page 13’ of my blog here and read about it in earlier entries. But last night was the private opening of the photo exhibit at the museum itself. The previous event was staged at the Hope For Humanity dinner and the photos were on display there at the Fairmont Hotel as sort of a sidebar attraction.

Last night’s affair was an entirely different setting and quite amazing for me. I even found myself up in front of the private audience answering questions alongside of Cole Thomson whose work is also being featured there for this inaugural expansion exhibit at the museum.

A number of the survivors themselves attended and all seemed to be more than pleased with the photographic images on display.

Keep in mind, this is a pretty new experience for me and so far off the charts of what I ever envisioned when I waded back in to my photography several years ago. I’m just posting a couple of links I came across this morning that just leave me shaking my head. Fun in some ways…humbling in others.