I like to tinker. And I tinker a lot at various things.

I had to laugh when I read the definition of ‘tinkering’.- ‘to busy oneself with a thing without useful results’

Another definition read: ‘to repair in an unskillful, clumsy, or makeshift way’

Whatever. I still like to tinker.

I can spend hours tinkering out by my woodpile splitting wood, chopping kindling, stacking wood, restacking and moving wood.

Lately I’ve been tinkering in the kitchen trying my hand at making chicken wings. I love those things. I looked online for some good sauce recipes and settled on a bottle of something I found at the grocery store. It was all right, but I know there has to be something better out there…with more ‘kick’. If you have a great recipe, send it on my way. 🙂

And for the past four years, I’ve been ‘tinkering’ with this web site thing. But admittedly, the program I use is a bit outdated and I get loving nudges from my girls that I need to come of age and update my site. So the tinkering has begun and I came across a nice set up that will be a significant upgrade from what I’m using now. Hopefully, the new revised site will continue to be user friendly as I know many of you come here often to view pictures of your kids playing sporting events and such.

Stay tuned….