Random Friday Afternoon Musings -Things That Make Me Smile

This was too good a story Not to share. Caralyn, my darling youngest child, is busily working away in Tyler at getting her BSN while working part time as an LVN. We are very proud of her and know her plate is quite full these days. Her and I have some ‘history’ though…with what I would call ‘car issues’.

They are those type of deals that get funnier as time passes and we look back on them; as compared to when the issues were unfolding at the time. But this latest chapter was just funny from the get go.

She now owns a cute little Toyota Scion which she has bought (or is paying for herself).

So the other day, I get a text message from her telling me she thinks the brakes have gone out or the pads are worn down and wants advice on what to do. Mind you, she is in Tyler, two hours south from here so it’s not like I can just drop everything and go fix them myself.

So I get on the phone during a break here at school and locate a Pep Boys that I had dealt with before down there and call the service department. I let them know of the situation and could they work her in if she swung by there later that day. I always feel bad when one of the girls have to take a car in for fear they would be taken advantage of by someone who would assume they know nothing of cars. By making a phone contact, I just wanted to establish some communication with someone down there before she came in. I sent the info on to Caralyn and she was able to get over there shortly thereafter and her car was indeed in need of some brake work. So she sat there while the work got done.

And the funny part, you ask?

It was this post she made on Facebook not long after:

Went to Pep Boys to get my brakes fixed. My dad had called ahead to make sure I didn’t get scammed, and amidst asking me questions about my car, [year, make, model, color] the mechanic mentioned that my dad had called. Then he asks me “TC?” I assume he’s talking about my dad’s initials, so I say yes. I figure out later as he apologizes for it taking so long, that the TC we had agreed on was in fact, an XA, so the parts they originally had out did not fit. Not my dads initials. But carspeak. I’m so smart.

She cracks me up. :- )

And for what it’s worth…I’m trying to stay up with the social media world. This web site remains to be my main hang out place on the web, but I did start a Facebook page for my photography as well. I did that at the urging of my ‘advisors’ here in the family. I use it to just post some sample shots and such along with some miscellaneous postings of odds and ends, picture wise. I also started dabbling with making my own picture videos awhile back set to music and actually have my own YouTube channel as well. So by clicking on the two icons below here, you can see what I have going on there if you have nothing but time on your hands. 🙂

Still not sure that I’ve grasped the fact that we are in the final month of 2010. Where did this year go? Seriously? I mean, being alive, healthy and busy is a good thing. It sure beats the alternative. But some times you just feel that need to find a log cabin out in the country with a big porch and a comfortable chair, brew you a pot of coffee and just set your feet up on the rail and enjoy a good peaceful afternoon. Just need to find that cabin I suppose…and that perfect afternoon to kick back and just do it.