Taking a Moment To Remember

It was the photo I was touched most deeply by…

I met Mr. Schiff and his family early on in my Holocaust Survivor shoot. He struck me as a quiet and reserved man upon first meeting him. But he didn’t mind at all sitting in various poses for the pictures we took that day of him and many of his family members. When we were told that the youngest family member there, his 7 1/2 week old great-grandson was ready to be put down for a nap, I quickly spoke up and asked if we could get one last picture of him holding the baby in his arm.

Mr. Schiff took off his suit coat and set the baby down in the crook of his arm and we sat him by a nearby window. I took pause as I saw the tattooed number on his forearm and then carefully placed the baby’s hand right next to it. If there was ever a photo, to me, that echoed that old saying that ‘ a picture is worth a thousand words’, it was this photo.

Part of what inspired this entire shoot to begin with came when I first contacted the museum expressing an interest in doing some kind of photo shoot of the survivors. I stated the obvious – that these survivors would most likely not be with us much longer and it would be good to catch some photos of them while they were still here, alive and healthy.

So it was a bit sobering to get word last night that Mr. Schiff passed away this weekend at the age of 94…some 5-6 months after we took these pictures.

I am deeply grateful for having had that privilege to do this.

The Dallas Morning News had a touching article in its obituary column today and I wanted to share it here. You can view it by clicking HERE