The Morning After

Not even sure why I’m attempting to write as I am feeling so overwhelmed and speechless.

The ‘Big Event’ took place last night in Dallas at the Fairmont Hotel. After months and month of working, miles upon miles of driving, and countless hours working on the computer, it was quite an emotional moment to walk in to that room and see the finished product…some four dozen of my photos enlarged, framed, matted and on display at this dinner event in Dallas. I’ve just never quite experienced anything like it before.

Kathy joined me, of course; and it was funny to see her light up when she would recognize one of the survivor/subjects walk by in person and go up to them and say “I know you from my husband’s computer.” 🙂 And they all seemed so thrilled to see their images up on display like that.

The whole evening was surreal to me. I’ve said all along, the greatest reward for me on this project was being granted the privilege to enter the homes of these families and hear their personal stories while I photographed them. A once in a lifetime opportunity no doubt.

I didn’t take a ton of photos of the event/dinner itself, but couldn’t just leave the camera in the car! So here’s a few shots from last night’s gala. Some of the shots are just of the different station/panels that photos were on. Some of are me and the survivors together. There is also a shot of myself and Nanette Fodell, the Communications director at the museum who played a Huge roll in putting this project together and getting me to the homes of the survivors. Even got a picture of Roger Staubach and Everson Walls as well.

Dinner Exhibit Photos can be viewed HERE